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Summit Valuations, LLC, a full service valuation company, announced today the firm is now a member of the American Association of Private Lenders, an organization that serves real estate investors with online education, networking, industry information and inspiration. Members of the American Association of Private Lenders are the new trend-setters in the private lending industry. Through the organization, they gain access to a network of skilled professionals, allowing them to not only put together more deals, but better deals. In addition to private lenders, AAPL members also include brokers, attorneys, accountants, mortgage fund managers, loan servicers, debt buyers, and consultants.

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“Private lenders of all sizes know that real estate can be a lucrative investment, but these lenders need a source of good industry information to guide their efforts,” said Summit Valuations President Ron Ahlensdorf, Jr. “This organization is dedicated to providing support to entrepreneurs who see the potential in the real estate market and desire to provide liquidity. Since we provide professional real estate valuation services to originators, loan servicers and investors throughout the market, this is a good fit for us.”

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“We are always seeking out industry experts who can shed light on the events impacting the real estate market for the benefit of our members,” said Chrissey Breault, Director of Marketing & Member Services for the American Association of Private Lenders. “Ron, Mark and the rest of the team at Summit Valuations certainly qualify and I’m sure they will provide a wealth of information to benefit our organization and its members.”
Summit takes quality seriously and provides the story behind each property’s value. The company’s approach delivers a human touch by backing its people with systems, not the other way around. By instituting a human touch, Summit ensures all reports are reviewed by a human – avoiding limitations inherent in system-driven reviews. Banks, credit unions, mortgage servicers and investors trust Summit to provide top-quality valuations so they can take an analytical approach to decision-making.
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