Streamlining Secondary Marketing

LendingQB, a SaaS LOS solutions provider for the mortgage lending industry, announced that it has completed an enhanced interface to Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT), a recognized industry leader in capital markets management and advisory services. The enhanced interface automatically updates investor commitments performed by MCT directly into the LendingQB LOS, saving lenders time and increasing their operational profitability.

In 2013, LendingQB first released an interface to MCT’s HALO-Link, which automatically transferred loan pricing and pipeline data from the LendingQB LOS to MCT in order to improve the accuracy of hedge positions. Today, the two companies completed an enhancement to the HALO-Link interface that adds the capability for MCT to update the LendingQB LOS in real-time with key investor information, such as confirmation number, confirmation price and expiration date. The result is a comprehensive and efficient secondary marketing process that provides pricing and hedge risk transparency throughout the mortgage loan life cycle.

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“The enhanced HALO-Link interface with LendingQB is groundbreaking because we can now interact with our clients seamlessly in both directions,” said Chris Anderson, chief administrative officer at MCT. “On the hedge side, LendingQB gives us visibility into a lender’s pipeline so that we know exactly how much coverage they need to have. On the commitment side, we can push investor data right into LendingQB, saving hours of labor and ensuring complete accuracy on loan delivery.”

A key component of the LendingQB LOS solution is their Universal Decision Engine (UDE), an automated underwriting and pricing engine that manages the entire secondary marketing process from initial pricing through capital markets. Combining the technology of LendingQB’s UDE with MCT’s services provides lenders with a powerful and comprehensive solution that:

  • Accurately qualifies borrowers for loan products using raw credit report data and robust investor guidelines
  • Accurately prices loans with automatic calculation of investor and custom pricing adjustments
  • Delivers loan pipeline data in real-time to MCT for timely and efficient pipeline hedging
  • Uploads investor commitment data to LendingQB for timely and efficient delivery of loan commitments

Open Mortgage, a lender based in Austin, Texas, was selected as the first mortgage lender to use the enhanced interface and noted a significant improvement to their secondary marketing. “The total solution provided by MCT and LendingQB is more than just a time saver,” said Nick Whitten, senior director of secondary marketing at Open Mortgage. “I now have one system that simplifies all of my secondary marketing tasks from rate lock to investor delivery. The real benefit for me is that MCT and LendingQB have come up with an extremely efficient process that makes my locks safer and more profitable. It has a tangible impact that is felt throughout all of Open Mortgage.”

“We are very pleased to have a partner like MCT,” said Binh Dang, president of LendingQB. “They share our vision of making lenders more profitable by focusing on processes instead of just the end result. It’s through this type of authentic collaboration that we’re able to create solutions that have a lasting and powerful impact on lenders.”

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