CoreLogic Division Rebrands

CoreLogic SafeRent is now CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions. The rebranding reflects its continuing significant investment in the single family and multifamily rental housing market to deliver solution capabilities that address the entire lifecycle—from shopping and applying for a lease, to securing renters insurance and residing in the community.

An estimated 36 percent of households in the United States currently reside in rental properties. Studies project demand for rental housing will dramatically increase in the next 15 years. CoreLogic data also points to an increase in multifamily building permits, which are up 40.9 percent from a year ago.

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“Our existing branding did not adequately convey the breadth and depth of the solutions we offer in the rental housing space,” said Richard Leurig, senior vice president, Rental Property Solutions. “Our goal is to leverage the innovation capabilities of CoreLogic to deliver data-enabled solutions to our clients to help them improve their business and deliver a better customer service experience for their residents.”

CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions are powered by a dynamic workflow engine through which clients are able to access unique data assets, statistical resident screening and renter performance analytics. Additionally, intelligent integrations with popular property management software enable leasing teams to operate seamlessly and efficiently. CoreLogic is earning praise from its clients for delivering products that are accelerating the leasing lifecycle. Leasing Manager from CoreLogic is a cloud-based online leasing workflow solution that is designed to keep applicants engaged in completing their lease online while delivering administrative efficiencies to leasing professionals. MyRental from CoreLogic helps smaller landlords mitigate risk by choosing residents most likely to fulfill their lease obligations.

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