LERETA Advances The Cause Of Automation With Acquisition

LERETA, a leading national real estate tax services and flood service provider, has acquired American Property Guard (APG). APG is a Dallas-based company that offers tax certificate and homeowners association reports to the title industry.

“As the founder of APG, I could not be more pleased than to team up with LERETA,” said Andrew Kernan, founder of APG. “Introducing a disruptive technology to the origination property tax space has been an exciting accomplishment that has been very well received in the title industry. With the support of LERETA, our technology will now be able to reach its full potential and expand to additional verticals in the housing sector.”

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APG was founded in 2012 to automate property tax data inquiries. Three years ago, APG developed and launched a new application that automates the location of a property’s county account information and acquire associated data from taxing authorities. Through this proprietary process, APG has the unique ability to deliver real-time tax information as part of an automated and integrated origination workflow. APG is integrated with one of the nation’s largest title origination software platforms, allowing for the ordering of tax information directly within the title origination workflow.

“We’re excited about the acquisition of APG,” said John Walsh, LERETA CEO. “First, we gained great staff and exciting new technology. Second, this acquisition will helps us to expand into the title services business. We view the APG acquisition as another step forward in our commitment to providing better solutions to the tax service industry.”