CoreLogic Emphasizes New Analytics Approach

CoreLogic has expanded its business relationship with ID Analytics to apply applicant identity risk assessment and verification to property rental and leasing. This new service expands CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions’ capabilities by helping property owners and managers accurately assess the likelihood that an application will result in fraud.

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Property owners and managers have long been able to trust the industry-leading Rental Property Solutions resident statistical screening to help make sound leasing decisions. The addition of ID Score expands access to timely, cross-industry consumer information that can help verify applicant identity and whether a history of potentially fraudulent behavior exists.

“This collaboration is significant,” said Richard Leurig, senior vice president, Rental Property Solutions. “By integrating identity verification into our applicant workflow solution, our clients will be able to access broader and deeper information that not only predicts the likelihood a resident will fulfill their lease obligations, but also helps them avoid doing business with applicants who misrepresent themselves. It builds on our ongoing commitment to deliver data driven insights to power workflow solutions our clients need to achieve exceptional business results.”

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