Lender Gets Approved As A Fannie Mae Seller

Open Mortgage, known in the industry for its process innovation and exceptional service, recently announced they have been approved as a seller with the Federal National Mortgage Association, commonly known as Fannie Mae. “This approval opens up new opportunities that we are very excited about,” said Scott Gordon, Open Mortgage President and CEO.

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Senior Director of Secondary Marketing Nick Whitten agreed. “This is great for our business and our customers. Our status as a Fannie Mae seller is sure to increase our efficiency, which means better overall service to our clients,” he said. Whitten went on to explain that the process for becoming approved as a Fannie Mae seller is rigorous and validates Open’s space in the mortgage market. “Now that we’re ‘Fannie direct,’ meaning we don’t need to go through an intermediary servicer, we can approve more and different types of loans, and do it faster.” Whitten also said that Open plans to offer more products to their customers and ultimately service their own loans.

Open Mortgage is a multi-channel mortgage lender. At Open Mortgage, we believe that better is possible, and we are constantly striving to bring a better mortgage experience for everyone. We are committed to providing our retail and partner loan officers the training and support they need to make their goals possible. Founded in 2003, Open Mortgage is headquartered in Austin, TX and has retail locations nationwide.