New FinTech Firm Aims To Improve Loan Portfolio Management

FinTech analytics platform dv01 has debuted its portfolio management software for marketplace loans. To date, institutional investors have used dv01’s cloud-hosted web application to gain real-time insight into $23.5 billion worth of marketplace loans. Here’s how it works:

Founded in 2015 by Perry Rahbar, dv01 has raised $7.5 million of seed funding from Quantum Strategic Partners Ltd., Leucadia National Corporation, and Pivot Investment Partners. The company has applied the funding toward expanding its engineering team and launching its portfolio management software. It will now focus on its securitization offering and scaling its solution to expand into the $12 trillion consumer and mortgage lending markets.

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“Our mission is to bring a higher degree of transparency to lending markets,” said Perry Rahbar, CEO, dv01. “We take data out of archaic databases and transform it into something flexible and dynamic. As an impartial party, we deliver an unbiased view that benefits all market participants: borrowers, lenders, and investors.”

dv01’s current technology aggregates performance data from lenders including Lending Club, Prosper, Marlette Funding, and CommonBond. By normalizing data across lenders, dv01 simplifies comparison and analysis, enabling institutional investors to study individual loan performance and quickly detect issues within portfolios.

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“dv01’s analytics platform brings needed transparency to a rapidly evolving market,” said Brian McGrath, Managing Director at Jefferies, a subsidiary of Leucadia National Corporation. “We look forward to using dv01’s offerings to inform future analysis and investment.”

“We’re excited to support a company that is building technology to modernize the capital markets,” said Dinkar Jetley, co-founder of Pivot Investment Partners. “dv01 offers a reporting and analytics platform that streamlines workflows for institutional investors, making analysis of loan level data faster and more accurate than previously possible.”

Rahbar founded dv01 to solve challenges he encountered during his decade-long career trading mortgage bonds at Bear Stearns and J.P. Morgan. The team bridges Wall Street and Silicon Valley, fusing an insider’s understanding of incumbent financial processes with an uncompromising focus on technology. dv01’s investors have decades of experience in private and public financial sectors and will play an active role in helping prioritize features and growing the customer pipeline.