White Paper Offers FHA Guidance

DIMONT, a provider of specialty insurance and collateral loss mitigation solutions to the residential and commercialfinancial services industries, announced that it now offers a free white paper, “The Big Picture on Collateral Loss Mitigation for FHA Loans,” which addresses ways in which servicers and investors can limit losses on FHA loans that go into default, including effectively handling FHA guaranty claims after the real estate process is complete.

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Loan guarantees offered by the federal government do not necessarily protect the investor from significant loss should these loans go into default. As a result, investors count on servicers to guard them against these losses.

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Click here to download “The Big Picture on Collateral Loss Mitigation for FHA Loans”: http://info.dimont.com/the-big-picture-on-collateral-loss-mitigation-for-fha-loans

“Given the rapid rise in FHA lending over the past few years, it is only a matter of months until FHA defaults reach their peak,” said Collin Harbour, vice president of business development at DIMONT. “DIMONT developed this white paper so that servicers can begin setting up proper defenses against these losses, and vetting outside vendors. The more knowledgeable servicers and investors are about how they can limit their losses on FHA loans that go into default, the more prepared and successful they will be.”

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