Lender Reaches Out To Borrowers With New Technology

Evergreen Home Loans, a full-service direct lender with regional offices throughout the Western United States, has selected the Alight Mortgage Lending platform to streamline branch interaction, support volume goals and better prepare for the future. Here’s why this technology is significant:

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Alight Mortgage Lending, built from the ground up by teams with years of mortgage experience, is a mortgage platform that provides real-time multiple scenario analysis. Alight connects to a lender’s general ledger and loan origination systems and to capital markets providers to feed data directly into firm financials. Management can run limitless numbers of scenarios and see them ripple through the entire value chain to P&L, balance sheet and cash flow to then make decisions based on an informed, forward view of enterprise financials and operational metrics.

“Alight will provide the necessary transparency and visibility needed to help us increase productivity and control expenses in a streamlined and timely manner,” said Shelley Warhol, Controller, Evergreen Home Loans. “Further, the platform’s what-if analysis will give us a forward look at potential cash flow requirements and better prepare us for the future.”

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With Alight, teams can change financial and operational inputs on the fly, see those changes flow through the enterprise to the P&L, balance sheet, cash flow statements and other pro forma financials, and then create and evaluate base/best/worst case scenarios to choose the best path forward.

“We are pleased to be working with the management team at Evergreen Home Loans and welcome them to our growing roster of customers,” said Jared Huff, Group Head of Alight Financial Services. “Alight will help support Evergreen’s growth objectives by streamlining branch reporting and facilitating full integration of new branch proformas for better evaluation and fold in of new branch opportunities.”

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