Mortgage Service Provider Sees Huge Gains

LERETA, a national real estate tax and flood service provider, has added 47 new clients during March, April, May and June. These companies include traditional mortgage lenders, community banks, credit unions and reverse mortgage lenders, among others.

“More companies are determining that they want a better way to efficiently manage their portfolios’ property tax and flood services,” said Richard Yonis, senior vice president and director of national sales. “Our experience in the industry along with our reputation for stellar customer service has allowed us to grow in several geographic areas across the country as well as expand into different market verticals.”

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LERETA offers a full suite of real estate tax services for residential and commercial loans, including automated research and certification, tax bill processing, a suite of delinquent tax services and customized tax outsourcing service programs. The company also provides real-time flood zone determination services that include life of loan flood tracking. LERETA has more than 4,000 mortgage and insurance customers around the country.

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“We wanted to contract a property tax services partner that has the experience and strong agency relationships along with excellent customer service, and LERETA has all of those features,” said Kaecy Baisden, SVP at Town Square Bank in Ashland, KY. “Our goal is to have all the tax bills for the properties in our portfolio paid on time without having to keep up with the different nuances for the various municipalities around the country. Working with LERETA will help us mitigate the risk of losing properties due to property tax payment issues.”