New Partnership Makes Fees More Transparent

ClosingCorp’s DART service is now available through Qualia, a cloud-based settlement software that streamlines every step in the title and escrow process. DART provides guaranteed recording fee, transfer tax and filing instruction data for every residential property in the nation.

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DART is designed specifically to meet the growing needs of title and settlement agents. With more than 4,000 taxing jurisdictions and more than 80,000 related taxes, fees, customs, rules and regulations, DART provides immediate access to the precise recording fee, transfer tax and recording instruction data that is crucial to title and settlement operations. DART’s highly sophisticated engine calculates buyer/seller splits, commonly called “Who Pays” rules, and has a strength or confidence level based on collected data of statutory and customary practices by geographic location. The integration will allow law firms and title agents to automatically calculate document recording fees and transfer taxes directly from within Qualia.

“Qualia’s main goal is to create an incredibly user-friendly software that cuts out all of the unnecessary headaches currently involved in the title and settlement process,” said Nate Baker, chief executive officer of Qualia. “We are excited to complete this integration so that our users can complete 100% of their work without ever leaving their software.”

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“With this integration, Qualia’s client base now has access to accuracy-guaranteed data, which is compiled by our data analysts who continually research and document all nuances associated with these critical costs. Users can also access key forms and helpful documents to accelerate and improve the closing transaction which delivers on Qualia’s and ClosingCorp’s promise to bring efficiency to the closing process,” said Kamel Boulos, chief technology officer and interim co-CEO of ClosingCorp.

DART was originally introduced in December 2011. The system’s unique geocoding feature automatically selects the correct county and tax authority by street address. The product is available as a standalone website or via Web services integrations.