Believe It Or Not, Some LOS Implementations Go Well

We hear a lot about how LOS implementations are long and painful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For example, LendingQB, a provider of mortgage loan origination technology solutions, announced the successful implementation of its web-based loan origination system for Inlanta Mortgage, Inc. The Brookfield, Wisconsin-based mortgage lender attributed its smooth and rapid implementation experience to LendingQB’s deployment process and a focused effort by both Inlanta’s and LendingQB’s staff.

With an unwavering dedication to integrity, honesty and ethics, Inlanta Mortgage has a reputation for delivering exceptional experiences to the communities in which it operates. The company employs over 250 mortgage professionals and has gained recognition as the top FHA and USDA lender in the state of Wisconsin. Quality and integrity are values that drive the company’s success, so finding a technology partner that shared these values was important.

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“We have grown quickly in the past few years and we recognized the need for technology that would grow with us,” said Inlanta Mortgage Chief Information Officer Chris Knowlton. “Our previous LOS vendor was ending support for our version of their software, so we took the opportunity to evaluate other providers. LendingQB’s approach offered more than just tools; their software solution enables us to close more loans in less time.”

Inlanta made the decision to implement LendingQB in mid-2015 and began working with a team of specialists that designed a comprehensive implementation project plan. LendingQB established clear milestones and met with the Inlanta team at least twice a week throughout the project. “Inlanta was very motivated and provided plenty of resources to ensure the project would succeed,” said Lester Alitagtag, deployment manager for LendingQB. “They were efficient in communicating with us, took accountability for their work and had strong executive support. These are the keys to a successful implementation project.”

The successful implementation also came at a very high loan volume time for Inlanta. “During this spring season, Inlanta reached record volume and we rolled out a new loan origination software system. This would not have been possible without our outstanding team of employees and their dedication to fulfilling our mission. We appreciate all of their extra time, effort, and sacrifice to make this happen; it is a heck of an accomplishment by our employees,” said Nick DelTorto, President and CEO of Inlanta.

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Inlanta was also open to adopting LendingQB’s Lean Lending methodology, which integrates best practices with system configuration to create more efficient business processes. “We focus on giving our customers the best mortgage experience possible,” noted Inlanta Chief Operations Officer Paul Buege. “In order to fulfill that promise, we were willing to change the way we work to take full advantage of the LendingQB system. Even though we’ve been in business for over two decades, our culture and commitment of our people translates into flexibility to meet the changing needs of our customers.”

Inlanta is pleased with LendingQB’s implementation and successfully migrated to all 36 branches to the new platform in less than 3 months. Staff response has been positive, and Inlanta will enjoy the benefit of moving their entire organization onto a web-based system. “Mortgage lending is a complex information technology business,” said Chris Knowlton. “We rely on our technology partners more than ever before, so it’s comforting to know we found a company that really has our best interests in mind. We look forward to working with LendingQB for a long time.”