Keys To Selecting The Right LOS

According to QuestSoft’s 10th annual survey, 15.8% of lenders report that they are considering changing their loan origination software provider in 2016. Making a switch takes time, and choosing a new platform should not be done without careful consideration.

To help you evaluate your current LOS, and to serve as a guide as you evaluate others, Mortgage Builder has put together a roundtable of industry experts for an upcoming webinar to discuss “The Keys to Selecting the Right LOS Provider“.  Happening tomorrow, July 26th from 1:00PM to 2:00 PM EDT, Tony Garritano of Progress in Lending will be hosting the discussion with a panel of mortgage professionals to discuss:

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>>Key features lenders should be looking for when selecting an LOS

>>How their LOS prepared them for impending rule changes like HMDA and TRID

>>Where they see LOS advancements going in the future

Panelists and Participants include:

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>>Tony Garritano of Progress in Lending

>>Michael Hammond of NexLevel Advisors

>>Rod Correia of Shamrock Financial

>>Matt Switney of Level One Bank

>>Al Chinn of Mortgage Builder

This event will happen tomorrow. You can register by clicking the link HERE

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