LOS And Doc Prep Integration Promotes Productivity

LenderLive Holdings, Inc. has launched a seamless integration between its GuardianDocs document preparation service and Point, the flagship loan origination software (LOS) from Calyx Software. This integration significantly improves the productivity of the two companies’ joint clients. Here’s how:

GuardianDoc’s interface with Calyx Point, launched last year, streamlines the ordering process and supports the generation and fulfillment of application disclosures and the closing package. When using the interface, all data is transferred from Point to GuardianDocs so there is no need for the user to log out of Point or go to a production website to re-key critical information to complete the document order.

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Cory Swain, Managing Partner of Premier Mortgage Resources, Portland, Ore., said his company switched to both Point and GuardianDocs last year in anticipation of the coming TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule. Prior to that, Premier was working with another document provider that had only a partial interface with its LOS, and the workaround “wasn’t very functional.”

After switching to Point, Swain said, “There was an immediate pick up of probably 25 percent in productivity, and now that we’re used to the system we’re probably twice as fast as we were [in generating closing documents]. Last month, our two closers did 150 units by themselves. With our old system, I doubt that they’d have gotten through 80.”

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Richard Matzen, vice president of residential lending at Gateway State Bank in Iowa has seen a similar lift in productivity since switching to GuardianDocs. “Gateway has been a Calyx Point customer since 2012, but had been using a competitive doc system,” said Matzen. “This meant that we had to keep going in and out of Point to generate our closing docs. It was frustrating, and this was pre-TRID.

“The GuardianDocs/Point interface has probably cut 50 percent or more off of the time that it takes to generate a CD. And it’s really easy to make changes on the ‘fly’. When you make a change, it happens in an instant. Everything that’s in Point gets transferred to GuardianDocs, saving a tremendous amount of data re-entry, which is huge.

“Instead of spending maybe three hours preparing the loan closing document, now I’m doing it in an hour, so that gives me two extra hours to bring in new clients,” said Matzen.

“Everybody talks about seamless integration, but the reality is most lenders are forced to use partial interfaces which require lots of data re-entry and add time, cost and a higher probability of errors,” said Jonathan Kunkle, general manager of LenderLive Document Services. “When we partnered with Calyx, we invested the time and resources to close this gap and enable both of our technologies to work as they should. The early adaptors are reporting real productivity gains.”

Dennis Boggs, executive vice president of business development at CalyxSoftware, said, “GuardianDocs has proven the business case for a full integration with Point. As our joint clients can attest, this integration with our LOS drives significant productivity gains in the post-TRID environment.”

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