Property Search Tool Gets An Upgrade

ATPR Inc., a provider of technology based solutions for the real estate and settlement services industry, announced several functionality enhancements to its property search solution, SmartProp. Here’s the scoop:

“These new functionalities will make the entire order-to-delivery process seamless, to the benefit of title agents,” said ATPR president Alok Datta. “Agents can now place orders for reports in a manner convenient to them, as single or bulk orders on the portal or via e-mail.”

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SmartProp also offers integration to one of the leading title production systems, making it even easier to allocate orders. The upgraded dashboard gives users a real-time update on the orders placed, providing transparency and allowing quicker decision making. The complete process is automated, eliminating redundant and manual follow-ups.

“Delivering accurate property reports is critical to every title agent,” said Timothy Moreland, SVP of US Sales & Operations for ATPR. “The turnaround time demanded by most lenders creates enormous pressure on the title company’s operations. With the added convenience offered by SmartProp, title agents will now be able to access the portal online to be in complete control of the orders they place. Once they experience our best in class product delivery, accuracy & turnaround times, we are sure that they will keep coming back for more.”

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The new dashboard within SmartProp has a built in feature for bulk ordering, enabling clients to order more during the volume surge, without increasing their fixed cost. Along with the capability of taking on increased business, ATPR clients will have access to the company’s personalised and customised offers & promotions.