Lender Embraces Real-Time Reporting And Analysis

Alight Inc., a provider of industry-specific real-time financial optimization applications, announced that Aspire Financial, Inc., has selected the Alight Mortgage Lending platform. Here’s why:

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Alight gives management teams the ability to see the impact of every decision, before they make it. Alight Mortgage Lending is a cloud-based industry-specific application that measures results across financial reports, optimizes performance and records decisions for future measurements.

“We see Alight as the answer to our financial reporting needs as it integrates all our existing systems to give us a real-time forecasting solution,” said Jason Spooner, COO of Aspire Financial. “Thanks to Alight, we will have insight into all aspects of our company, allowing us to make educated decisions surrounding expenses, branch acquisitions and pull through margins.”

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Alight Mortgage Lending integrates into a lender’s general ledger, loan origination systems and capital market providers to create real-time financial forecasts and scenarios. With this integrated system, lenders are able to run unlimited numbers of scenarios and see the impact of decisions ripple throughout the enterprise all the way through to financials.

“Aspire Financial Inc. is dedicated to growing its operations and we are happy to be a part of helping them achieve this goal,” said Jared Huff, Group Head of Alight Financial Services. “Our platform will help refine the forecasting process and provide unique dashboard views for every member of the enterprise, providing a distinct advantage in decision making and planning for the future.”

Alight is a fast-growing provider of industry-specific, cloud-based applications that give customers the power to see the financial impact of every decision, before they make it. Alight works with firms in mining, mortgage banking and high tech. For more information: alightinc.com.