Lender Embraces Technology To End Manual Accounting

Bestborn Business Solutions, a provider of accounting and financial management solutions, announced today that Primero Home Loans, LLC, a privately-owned mortgage banking company headquartered in Powell, Ohio, has made the decision to replace its current accounting solution with Loan Vision. The company was previously relying on Intuit Quickbooks.

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“Our growth was driving us toward a more robust accounting solution,” said Primero Controller George Milligan. “There was simply too much manual work involved in using the small business accounting software we were using as it wasn’t designed for use in the mortgage lending industry. We needed more sophisticated reporting, with more loan level dimensions, but without adding additional personnel.”

Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Loan Vision brings enterprise level accounting and business management functionality to the mortgage banking industry and a new option for lenders who require more flexibility in their enterprise software. Recently, the company announced plans to release a Lite version of Loan Vision that offers a powerful alternative to generic accounting tools and provides a convenient and smooth migration path to even more powerful industry software as organizations grow.

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“Primero is a perfect example of the kinds of growing mortgage banking firms that can benefit from the power built into Loan Vision,” said Martin Kerr, President of Bestborn. “We are very pleased to be working with Primero and excited about what they can accomplish with better information to power their business decisions.”

Loan Vision can consume data from any LOS, efficiently passing detailed loan level information directly into the accounting system, thereby reducing manual workload and avoiding the risks of human error that come with rekeying data. The Microsoft look and feel reduces the learning curve for new users, while IT benefits from a solution fully deployed on the Microsoft suite of technologies. The platform contains modules for Interim Servicing and LO Commission as well as an extensive Branch Reporting module.