Integrating eRecording And Title

Indecomm Global Services, a provider of business process outsourcing, learning, and technology solutions, announces that its InteleDoc Direct (IDD) eRecording Platform with Recopedia has been integrated with the ResWare title production platform. This collaboration brings Indecomm’s latest innovation in eRecording, Inteledoc Direct with the Recopedia toolkit, to ResWare’s title platform. Indecomm offers a web-based eRecording platform with a toolkit that provides current county specific requirements and fee calculations for all real estate document recordings, rather than just prompts and tips about eRecording only county requirements. The inclusion of this technology into ResWare will dramatically boost the efficiency of title agents, enabling them to meet all their business processing and recording needs in a single platform.

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“Indecomm’s automated solutions enhance a variety of business process applications used by title agents,” said Rajan Nair, CEO, Financial Services Division, Indecomm Global Services. “IDD’s integration with ResWare is an outstanding example of enhancing the overall recording experience for title agents.”

ResWare focuses on streamlining the title recording process, which is challenged by slow turn times, high employee turnover, and inconsistent results. ResWare provides enhanced automation and access to a single platform that manages allof the documents, vendors, and processes. It automatically alerts the appropriate individuals when they must complete a task.

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“Indecomm and ResWare have collaborated to allow their customers to achieve the most that technology can supply to their bottom line,” Nair said. “It is a continuing commitment, which lies at the heart of our business goals.”

InteleDoc Direct is part of a portfolio of Indecomm’s proprietary technology platforms, including iTitleHub, Kaizen Income Analyzer, and Publishing Portal, whose purpose is to decrease risk and enhance productivity.

“Adeptive Software is delighted with the opportunity to work with Indecomm, a leading global technology company with deep expertise in document management,” said Bryan Buus, President, Adeptive Software Corporation. “Together with our ResWare platform, we are at the forefront of providing services to title agents.”

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