Lender Uses Technology To Do Better Forecasting

Guild Mortgage, one of the largest independent mortgage lenders in the US, has selected the Alight Mortgage Lending platform to refine its forecasting process. Guild Mortgage was founded in San Diego in 1960 and has since grown to more than 250 branches across the nation. Here’s why:

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The Alight Mortgage Lending platform enables real-time financial forecasting and scenario analysis. Custom built for the mortgage industry, Alight Mortgage Lending allows lenders to directly connect financial forecasting to the general ledger, loan origination systems and capital markets providers.

“With Alight’s real-time financial forecasting, we’ll have better visibility across all levels of our company,” said Amber Elwell, SVP finance at Guild Mortgage. “Having the ability to regularly run scenario analysis will help us respond to marketplace changes more quickly to better manage future needs of the business.”

Using Alight, management can see the financial impact of every decision, before they make it. The Alight platform allows users to run limitless numbers of scenarios and see the ripple effects of these changes across the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow.

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“The addition of Guild to our growing roster of customers is a pivotal moment for Alight,” said Jared Huff, group head of Alight Financial Services. “As one of the largest lenders in the US, Guild is a great example of how our system helps integrate company financials across any number of branches to provide up-to-date, accurate visualizations of their financial future.”

The Alight Mortgage Lending platform allows for integration across the enterprise creating different dashboard views for each user and customizing each view to include the information most important to them. With Alight, teams can run and compare base/best/worst case scenarios and have confidence in the best path forward.