Leading LOs Demand Marketing Automation

The right marketing automation solution automates engagement with prospective clients, provides relevant updates for in process milestones while developing and enhancing partner relationships. The right marketing automation solution employs leading technology to maximize marketing relevance and automation of communication that capitalizes on opportunities to increase pipelines and profitability.

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Mortgage specific marketing automation:

>> Increase pipelines and commission potential

>> Maximize market opportunities

>> Experience a surge in response rates

>> Develop loyalty throughout customer base

>> Gain a clear competitive advantage

>> Automate communications with prospective borrowers and clients

>> Develop and enhance partner relationships

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Going a step further the right marketing automation will unleashes your marketing genius to instantly create custom marketing that best fits you. There is no longer down time when wanting a custom marketing piece that features a product, service, event or partner. All the power is in your hands.

Top Features

Marketing Library

A mortgage specific marketing library provides Loan Officers with a full library of marketing content including materials designed by your corporate marketing team.


Here you’ll find hundreds of ready-to-go marketing materials that have been professionally prepared. Choose from postcards, letters, greeting cards, newsletters, emails, and much more. The materials are categorized by format, purpose and audience for easy access to exactly what you need. Content is constantly refreshed to target current business opportunities. In addition there are holiday greetings, home maintenance tips, recipe cards … something for every occasion.

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Your Corporate Collateral

Marketing automation provides access to your entire corporate marketing content including sales collateral. In addition, your marketing team is able to quickly and easily create custom content within the marketing automation solution to address opportunities for communications.

On-Demand Campaigns

Custom Campaigns can be run quickly and easily on demand to any mix of contact databases: prospects, applicants, borrowers and partners.


You’ll want to run a campaign whenever you spot a tactical sales opportunity – for example: a change in interest rates or other market conditions. On-demand campaigns are also an effective way of just staying in touch with your database – for example: making announcements about significant changes at your company.

Fulfillment is handled quickly and securely at an integrated state-of-the-art Production Center, whether you choose conventional mail or e-mail as your delivery medium. Campaign output is always fully personalized to each participating loan officer as well as the recipient – and you can rest assured it meets all regulatory compliance requirements.

CRM Module

Marketing automation incorporates a CRM module providing loan officer with simple tools to facilitate timely personal follow-up and to manage their day-to-day priorities.

Automated Retention Programs

The right marketing automation solution offers a wide variety of gifts and specially designed marketing materials for mortgage professionals. You’re free to combine these into automated programs that best suit your style and budget. After that, it’s hands-free all the way since the rules-based system does the work of production and fulfillment for you.

Communications are available in English and Spanish and can, if you wish; include your Realtor or builder photo and contact details.

The cost of retaining a customer – and building their lasting loyalty – is far less than the cost of acquiring a brand new customer. In fact, recruiting a new customer can cost between six and eight times the cost of generating high-quality referrals and repeat sales from an existing customer. The solution’s automated retention programs concentrate on activities that convert customer satisfaction into long-term loyalty and increased business. Programs with your own personal touch can easily be created from the following range of marketing materials professionally crafted to maximize customer loyalty, repeat business and referrals.

If your looking to retain top LO talent, you need to provide the tools they need to be successful. The right marketing automation solution delivers on that promise.

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