Simplifying Hazard Claims

DIMONT, a provider of specialty insurance and collateral loss mitigation solutions to the residential and commercial financial services industries, today announced that the company offers strategic partnership opportunities with providers of property inspection services that simplify the way hazard claims are submitted for residential properties.

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Using an API connection, the property preservation vendors’ system connects to DIMONT’s proprietary system, Eldorado, to establish an immediate data delivery language between the two. This capability makes it possible for DIMONT to more easily submit hazard claims.

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“Strategic partnerships allow for greater efficiency in the hazard claims process, as well as the capability to streamline the delivery of data and images from a property preservation and inspection vendor directly to DIMONT’s document review specialists,” said Tom Stover, senior vice president of solutions development.

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DIMONT is now able to provide clients the same, best-in-class claims process, enhanced with a customized inspection, tailored to the needs of the hazard claims adjusters, as well as a dual party quality control process.

“With access to innovative technology from property inspection providers, we can automatically review all inspection documents and photos,” said Stover. “By reducing the time spent on the download and review process, our internal teams process claims more efficiently, reducing customer costs.”

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