LOS Focuses On “Adoptimization”

LendingQB is launching a new brand as part of a strategic initiative to focus on “adoptimization,” a process that helps lenders streamline their processes and continuously improve their lending practices by optimizing the use of technology. LendingQB’s goal is to move beyond just providing innovative products to create strategies that enable lenders to capitalize on their technology.

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LendingQB plans to help lenders get the most of their solution by partnering with multiple best-of-breed partners. The strong integrations built into the industry’s leading third-party software providers enables lenders to build the LOS that best suits their needs.

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“We created this idea of “adoptimization” – a portmanteau of “adopt and optimization” – so our users could not only have access to best lending technology, but so they can also use that technology to its fullest capabilities to strategically improve their processes,” said Tim Nguyen, co-founder of LendingQB. “We share the same goals as our customers. We want to help them create better lending practices and better serve our nation’s housing market.”

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As part of the strategic initiative, LendingQB is launching a complete revamp of their branding and website. The new website provides visitors with a streamlined layout to provide regularly updated content for both prospects and customers. The company is also rolling out a new logo, which reflects the lean lending approach to building a best-of-breed technology.

LendingQB aims to reduce lenders loan origination costs, while taking the necessary precautions to ensure the loans are compliant. LendingQB also helps lenders implement an efficient and effective LOS solution within six months, rather than spending several years trying to fine-tune a solution.

“Our team strives to provide the best service and counsel to lenders. We give them the ability to use the technology that brings the most value to their company,” said Nguyen. “Our new website and public-facing brand materials will only support our focus on providing valuable information and innovation to lenders.”

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