Mobile Technology Is The Future Of Mortgage Servicing

In order to meet the needs of borrowers who prefer to use mobile banking applications to manage their mortgages, Carson City, Nevada-based Greater Nevada Mortgage has added Financial Industry Computer Systems’ (FICS) eStatus Connect Mobile App as another service to their borrowers. FICS, a provider of loan origination software,residential servicing software and commercial servicing software, provides the app as part of its eStatus Connect online banking software for the consumer.

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An FICS customer since 1993, the lender added the mobile app to its existing platform of Mortgage Servicer servicing software and eStatus Connect online banking software. Greater Nevada’s addition of the eStatus Connect mobile app this year provided one more digital channel in which to better serve their borrowers looking to manage their loans. The lender has provided not only borrowers with online access for many years, but their investors have also enjoyed easy direct access to their loan data and reports through the platform.

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“In an age where borrowers are moving towards a self-service model, mobile applications become very important in the servicing arena,” said Jenny Casselman, vice president of Loan Servicing at Greater Nevada Mortgage.

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FICS’ eStatus Connect has provided Greater Nevada Mortgage with the tools needed to provide elite service to its borrowers through digital channels for 15 years. Borrowers can make payments, review loan documents, update information and request payoff information through the website and mobile app. In addition, servicers can communicate with borrowers through the system and generate comprehensive reporting for compliance to  investors.

“As consumers embrace mobile applications for more of their financial needs, lenders such as Greater Nevada Mortgage are staying ahead of the curve by offering borrowers even more  flexibility with the devices being used to access their mortgage loans,” said Susan Graham, president of FICS. “The committment to providing convenient access to their loans only enhances the service that has made them successful for decades and will continue to do so as the institution grows and evolves with technology solutions.”

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