Smart Vendors Are Embracing Mobile Technology

Smart technology vendors are embracing mobile technology. For example, OpenClose, an enterprise-class, multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) provider, announced that it has redesigned and added new features to its borrower-facing ConsumerAssist solution to deliver exceptional online and mobile point-of-sale tools. Here’s why this is important:

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The enhancements to ConsumerAssist creates a highly attractive, straightforward and interactive experience for consumers. ConsumerAssist can be accessed via the web or any mobile device, providing portability and accessibility at any time and from anywhere. This results in an increase in leads and a decrease in production costs.

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As a borrower completes an application from any device, alerts are triggered in real-time that are sent to the lender for quick follow up by a loan officer or customer service representative. Lenders can then immediately engage the borrower, quickly answer questions and start the sales process. This significantly improves lead capture and conversion rates, resulting in more closed loans and greater profits.  The features of ConsumerAssist can be customized to a lender’s unique specifications along with branding for both branch and loan officer web pages, as well as mobile applications to create a more personalized experience.

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“In today’s competitive mortgage marketplace, customers are seeking new ways to attract borrowers and to do more with less while maintaining high service levels,” said Jason Regalbuto, CEO and CTO of OpenClose.  “ConsumerAssist is ideal for lenders looking to add a high impact web and mobile presence that provides an outstanding consumer experience.  The solution allows visitors to start the lending process themselves without having to first speak to a loan officer.  At the end of the day, ConsumerAssist is about increasing leads and decreasing origination costs for lenders.”

Lenders also have the flexibility to offer on-demand program eligibility and pricing for borrowers by leveraging OpenClose’s DecisionAssist product and pricing engine (PPE), which instantly returns decisioning at the point-of-sale.  OpenClose’s team of mortgage specialists maintain an extensive library of up-to-date investor programs, guidelines and pricing for its customers.

ConsumerAssist can easily be added to a lender’s existing website and is integrated with OpenClose’s LOS, LenderAssist™.  It also has the capability to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) software and other third party applications.  The set up timeframe for ConsumerAssist can be customized and implemented in as little as 30 days.

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