Alterra Home Loans Plans Major Growth

Las-Vegas based mortgage bank Alterra Home Loans is moving toward major growth, with a significant expansion in its office headquarters and expansion into several new states.

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Alterra will be celebrating the grand opening of its new Las Vegas headquarters Friday, December 9. The greatly expanded new space is located in Tivoli Village, a beautiful, mixed-use development on South Rampart Boulevard that is home to office space as well as retail shops and restaurants.

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In recent months, Alterra has expanded into several new states, bringing its mission of “building wealth through home ownership” into Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and other states. The expansion in office space is one of several strategic growth moves Alterra has made in recent months.

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“Expanding our foot print in current and target rich markets is one of our primary goals next year and the development of our new headquarters is a key step in reaching our growth goals in the coming years,  both in service to our sales force and production quality,” said President and CEO Jason Madiedo. “Growth for Alterra means growth in underserved home ownership, which has been our goal since the very beginning.”

There has been an investment in people, as well. Alterra’s new headquarters was consciously designed to be a comfortable place for employees. The space includes ping-pong tables for breaks, an outdoor patio, bean bags throughout an open, loft-style space and two zen relaxation rooms with warm lighting and massage chairs.

In addition, the company sees its Las Vegas headquarters location as an additional incentive. The up-and-coming, tax-friendly city continues to act as a draw for recruiting and maintaining top talent.

“It’s all a part of showing that at Alterra, people come first.” Madiedo said. “Promoting a great culture is a top priority.”

Alterra Home Loans is a minority-owned, top U.S. mortgage bank and the second-largest Hispanic-owned mortgage company in the country. With loan coverage in 12 U.S. states, Alterra strives to represent the underserved in the mortgage industry, specifically serving the Hispanic community to help build wealth through home ownership.