UWM Introduces ‘Loan Swap’ Technology Allowing Originators to Prioritize Their Pipeline

United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) has announced Loan Swap, a new pipeline management tool that enables originators to manage the order of their loans in UWMs underwriting queue. Loan Swap gives UWMs network of brokers a greater level of control over their entire pipeline, managing their loans to meet their borrowers’ timelines.

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“Loan Swap puts originators in the driver’s seat of their pipeline by creating greater transparency and giving them the power and flexibility to move loans within their pipeline, ultimately delivering better and faster service to their clients and Real Estate agents,” said Mat Ishbia, President and CEO at UWM.

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The new accessibility is a big perk for loan officers, as they were previously unable to view the order of the underwriting queue.

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“Having this much control over my pipeline is unprecedented,” said Amit Parikh, President of Mortgage 360, Inc. “Not only can I see where my loans are in line, I can reorder my queue when needed to keep my borrowers happy and my business moving.”

Loan Swap is the most recent of a slew of innovative tools UWM has brought to market to equip brokers with greater speed, control and efficiency in the production of their loans, joining the UClose platform and doc-less technology. UClose allows brokers to take loans from clear-to-close to closing in just minutes by creating their own documents and scheduling the closing. The revolutionary doc-less platform combines e-sign technology with automated systems so that brokers no longer need to acquire hard copies of pay stubs, tax returns or bank statements.

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