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Extensia Financial, one of the nation’s largest Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) dedicated to commercial real estate lending and advisory services, announced that it offers commercial real estate lending consultative services to help credit unions develop and/or maintain successful commercial lending programs.

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Extensia’s consultative services are designed to help credit unions interested in beginning an in-house commercial lending program understand best practices and potential risks. Extensia also helps credit unions with established commercial real estate lending programs analyze their risk, make necessary adjustments to underwriting practices and handle complex note sales.

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Extensia offers this service alongside its annual loan review consultative services and its comprehensive commercial real estate lending program, which can handle credit union commercial lending from funding to servicing. As the industry is adjusting to the upcoming changes to the NCUA’s MBL guidance taking effect in January 2017, Extensia serves as a resource to credit unions interested in diversifying their loan portfolios through commercial lending programs.

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“Our comprehensive consultative services are an educational program designed to help credit unions build a sustainable commercial lending program that fully supports their strategy and roadmap,” said Pam Easley, CEO of Extensia Financial. “We also work extensively with credit unions that have established programs to develop more sophisticated risk-management procedures, such as updating underwriting practices for the highest quality loans.”

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