Mortgage Company Uses Technology To Perfect Forecasting

Alight, Inc., a provider of cloud-based applications for real-time, dynamic scenario comparison and analysis, today announced that GEM Mortgage, a division of Golden Empire Mortgage Corporation Inc., has selected Alight Mortgage Lending for continuous reforecasting. Here’s how it works:

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Built by mortgage professionals, Alight Mortgage Lending provides real-time multiple scenario and what-if analysis. Management teams can measure the financial ripple effects of business decisions and changing market conditions across the enterprise, before events take place or decisions are made, to determine future outcomes based on real-time financial and operational data.

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“2017 is coming at us with some significant unknowns and economic variables,” said David Chesney, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at GEM. “We need to be nimble, and Alight’s ability to forecast various economic scenarios will enable us to move quickly in response to changing economic conditions.”

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Cloud-based Alight is accessible any time and from any device, providing mortgage bank firm owners, CEOs, CFOs and other key team members access to the information they need, when they need it. Users have permission-based access and customized dashboard views for easy, 24/7 access to the information most important to them.

“Alight Mortgage Lending anticipates the types of questions mortgage bankers have and has what-if capabilities built in to help management make timely decisions,” said Jared Huff, managing director of Alight. “In today’s environment, mortgage bankers must be able to run their businesses efficiently and react quickly to changes in the marketplace,” continued Huff, “Alight’s continuous forecasting helps firms optimize resources, plan for future cash flows and better manage liquidity on a real-time basis.”

With Alight, teams can run and compare base/best/worst case scenarios in real time and have confidence in choosing the best path forward.