Integration Tries To Further Digital Mortgage Adoption

LOS PCLender has launched an enhanced integration with POS Blend. As a result of the partnership, lenders who work with PCLender will be able to easily deploy Blend’s platform creating an end-to-end digital mortgage experience that is geared to excite customers and streamline lender workflows while reducing risk and ensuring compliance. Blend’s technology integrates seamlessly with PCLender’s LOS to ensure rapid deployment and quick time to value while reducing the number of systems a lender must work in.

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“We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the industry’s top technology solutions, so teaming up with Blend was a natural next step,” said Lionel Urban, CEO of PCLender. “Blend’s platform is modernizing the mortgage lending experience and through this integration, we’re proud to enable our lenders to offer their customers a more compelling and efficient borrower experience.”

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The integration with Blend continues this legacy, linking PCLender’s total mortgage solution to Blend’s borrower and lender experiences powered by rules, direct-from-source validated data and audit logs. This integration is designed to provide consumers with a more end-to-end digital mortgage experience that is borrower-, lender-, and compliance-friendly.

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“At Blend, we’re building technology that reinvents home lending from the ground up,” said Nima Ghamsari, CEO & co-founder of Blend. “Built on a platform that integrates with existing systems, we’re thrilled to work with pioneering mortgage solutions providers like PCLender to create a digital mortgage ecosystem and enable fast, simple and satisfying lending experiences to millions of lenders and borrowers alike.”

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