Bestborn Looks To Transform The E-Learning Experience

Bestborn Business Solutions, creators of Loan Vision, has reaffirmed its commitment to the highest level of customer service through its investment in ClickLearn, a documentation and training software solution. The ClickLearn implementation is just one of several accomplishments allowing Bestborn to further enhance the company’s self-help library, expanding its support capabilities for mortgage banks of all sizes.

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“Hands down, ClickLearn is the most efficient solution on the market for creating and updating user instructions both written and interactive,” said Martin Kerr, President of Bestborn Business Solutions. “The implementation of ClickLearn further solidifies Bestborn’s commitment to serving our customer base through the adoption of industry leading technology.”

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ClickLearn software gives Bestborn the power to deliver high quality, interactive training and produce a seamless learning experience. Features include a unique action recording technology that understands the user’s interactions with the software, unlike traditional recording systems. This software investment broadens the company’s support offering through multiple channels to include videos, written instructions, advanced virtual assistance, and an e-learning portal that guides users with step-by-step support.

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“Gaining and retaining knowledge in a changing business landscape is a challenge for any organization,” added Michael Randrup, Director of Clicklearn ApS. “ClickLearn will help employees in any position to both gain and retain Loan Vision system knowledge so they can deliver at peak performance.”

Bestborn’s ClickLearn investment will redesign the user’s experience in requesting assistance in navigating the software. Instead of losing valuable time scrolling through lists of instructions or scheduling time for a support call, users can now receive immediate and accurate guidance from the virtual assistant feature. With a variety of integrated tools, ClickLearn moves through the entire education process with the user.

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