NotaryCam’s eClose360 Tested And Approved By Fannie Mae

NotaryCam, Inc., a provider of online notary and mortgage eClosing services, is now listed on Fannie Mae’s list of eMortgage technology solution providers. Fannie Mae approved NotaryCam as a provider of both a SMARTDoc and eVault solution. Specifically, NotaryCam’s eClose360 online closing solution is now on the list of software Fannie Mae has certified and approved for use on loans it purchases from mortgage loan originators (Note: certification is for technical compliance with Fannie Mae’s eMortgage platform. Use of remote notarization capability is subject to Fannie Mae guidelines. Lenders should check with their Fannie Mae account team before utilizing remote notarization on Fannie Mae loans).

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“We are very proud to have made this important list of industry solutions for digital mortgage,” said Rick Triola, Founder and CEO of NotaryCam. “We’ve been working with portfolio lenders for some time, but now, any mortgage banker that sells its production to Fannie Mae can feel comfortable employing eClose360 and enjoy the benefits it offers them, their partners and consumers.”

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NotaryCam’s eClose360 is an online notary platform that allows mortgage closings to take place entirely online, removing all associated stress and the friction of having to attend closings physically. The technology won more attendee votes than any other digital mortgage technology in its category after its demonstration at the recent Digital Mortgage Conference in San Francisco. The company was invited to demo it again at the MBA’s Independent Mortgage Bankers conference on January 26, 2017.

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“Our research and experience indicates a growing interest and increasing number of lenders adopting eMortgages,” stated Michael Cafferky, eMortgage Product Manager, Fannie Mae. “Fannie Mae is committed to supporting customers and business partners as we move the market forward. We are very pleased to add NotaryCam to the list of approved solution providers to further expand options available to our customers to originate and deliver eMortgages to Fannie Mae.”

Fannie Mae’s eMortgage Technology Solution Provider List provides the industry with a selection of companies that offer technology solutions that enable the submission of electronic mortgages to Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae’s provisioning of the information does not indicate any endorsement of or affiliation with the listed providers, but rather includes technology providers who have conducted eNote technical compatibility testing with Fannie Mae’s eNote delivery system.

NotaryCam allows businesses and individuals to legally notarize, sign and execute documents and agreements online. The company has legally completed tens of thousands of notarizations in all 50 states and over 65 countries. Parties from anywhere in the world can connect to a live notary public in a secure virtual signing room. Identities and eSignatures are verified in a face-to-face web interaction to eClose real estate and mortgage transactions, notarize deeds, power of attorney, health directives, and more. NotaryCam was developed in lockstep with the changing needs of the GSEs to ensure that eClose360 meets all investor requirements. NotaryCam signing agents are also certified by the National Notary Association.