New Solution Designed To Further E-Signing

IMM, a provider of eSignature and eTransaction Management for financial institutions, and Ascensus, the nation’s largest independent retirement and college savings services provider, announced the official launch of their collaborative solution: IRAdirect eSign. Here’s the scoop:

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The initial Ascensus rollout provides more than 3,600 financial institutions access to the newly enhanced product. IRAdirect eSign enables institutions to eliminate paper documents, reduce operational expenses, and provide customers a more streamlined, secure, and convenient process for signing IRA, HSA, and other important forms.

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“Allowing account holders to electronically sign documents from the branch location that is most convenient builds loyalty and gives our customers an advantage in today’s increasingly competitive market,” said Steve Christenson, Ascensus’ executive vice president of retirement and health services. “We are pleased to collaborate with IMM to provide our customers with a proven solution that not only reduces costs and drives efficiencies throughout the organization, but more importantly, helps financial institutions better serve their customers.”

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Electronic transaction processing improves security and helps financial institutions be compliant with regulatory demands. IRAdirect eSign easily integrates with an institution’s existing technology platform. This is essential because it supports business processes and systems already in place. Additionally, with IRAdirect eSign, financial institutions can quickly and accurately complete customer transactions, enabling the account holder to electronically sign documents from any branch location.

According to IMM Executive Vice President John Levy, “The financial services industry is shifting as more day-to-day processes become automated, leveraging digital technologies to streamline traditional paper-based processes. This digital transformation helps organizations control costs and better meet the needs of an increasingly mobile consumer base that expects and often demands faster processing. Our partnership with Ascensus is exciting because together we’re providing a solution that meets the customer’s needs, while ensuring compliance, improving security, and driving down costs. These are the goals we strive for as a company.”

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