Print Is Not Dead


As I talk to lenders across the country there is a deep desire to discuss all things digital. With the success of lenders like Rocket Mortgage, more and more lenders are looking to how they can move into the digital mortgage. This includes many lenders looking to digitally attracting new borrowers through marketing automation, email blasts and social media.

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These are all great channels to use to attract new borrowers but these should not entirely replace print as a tool for attracting new borrowers. The most powerful marketing automation campaigns strike the right balance between digital and print to gain the maximum exposure and results for lenders.

Print Your On-Demand Campaigns with the Right Marketing Automation

The right marketing automation allows lenders to deliver custom campaigns that can be run quickly and easily on demand to any mix of contact databases: prospects, applicants, borrowers and partners. You’ll want to run a campaign whenever you spot a tactical sales opportunity – for example: a change in interest rates or other market conditions. On-demand campaigns are also an effective way of just staying in touch with your database – for example: making announcements about significant changes at your company.

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The right marketing automation empowers central marketing to set up campaigns for all or any subset of loan officers, choose the marketing activity and specify the target audience. The system then provides a range of execution options to satisfy all cultural and operational preferences:

>> Run the campaign from the corporate level

>> Run the campaign from the corporate level, but first allow loan officers to opt out

>> Set up individual campaigns for loan officers to run if and when they wish

>> Create an Instant Campaign and make it available for loan officers to run from their Home page

Participating loan officers are notified of the campaign details by system-generated e-mail and a follow-up report is provided containing each recipient’s contact details.

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The right marketing automation solution delivers a comprehensive Collateral Catalogue that allows you to purchase essential promotional materials – quickly and easily – including business cards, letterhead, pads, brochures, card products, flyers, posters, booklets and catalogues. You’ll enjoy all the advantages of “print on-demand”. What’s more, unlike traditional print shops, a fully integrated marketing automation platform and print facility does not specify minimum quantities.

The Collateral Catalogue also provides tools for you to create/upload your very own collateral materials so that you can easily maintain a “look and feel” consistent with your brand strategy.

The right marketing automation solution delivers powerful marketing tools in the form of print and digital. The right combination attracts the greatest number of potential borrowers, highest ROI and consistency needed to prosper in today’s mortgage market.

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