Lender Turns To Technology To Do Forecasting

Compass Mortgage Inc. has selected Alight Mortgage Lending for continuous reforecasting. Alight Mortgage Lending, a cloud-based application accessible from anywhere, anytime and from any device, gives mortgage bank CEOs, firm owners and their teams the ability to see the financial impact of decisions, before they’re made.

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Built specifically for mortgage banking, Alight Mortgage Lending provides executives the information they need to forecast financial results, optimize operations and make decisions in real time, even in changing markets.

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“Alight’s multiple scenario and what-if analysis capabilities will help us be more proactive—rather than reactive—in managing our company and help improve the accuracy of our long-term cash flow projections, breakeven analyses and measurement of warehouse covenants,” said Kevin Williamson, President, Compass Mortgage.

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Alight Mortgage Lending connects to the general ledger and pulls data from loan origination systems and capital market providers so that lenders are able to run unlimited what-if scenarios and see the impact of decisions ripple throughout the enterprise to financials—including cash flow, P&L and the balance sheet.

“We are delighted to be working with Compass Mortgage in helping them continue to grow organically, both in branch expansion and new business segments,“ said Jared Huff, Managing Director, Alight Financial Services. “Our applications enhance the usage of data for more accurate budgeting and forecasting and will provide Compass more meaningful financials for management and support of annualized growth objectives and new business channels.”

Alight, Inc. is a provider of industry-specific, cloud-based applications that give customers the power to see the financial impact of every decision, before they make it. Alight works with firms in mining, mortgage banking and other industries.