VirPack Strategy Offers Lenders More Immediate ROI

The name of the game is return on investment. The vendor that can offer lenders the fastest and most sustainable ROI will become a market leader. To this end, VirPack, a provider of document management, imaging and workflow solutions, has launched “Preconfigured” Document Management and Delivery System (DMDS), which enables rapid deployment delivering immediate operational efficiency gains and ROI throughout the loan lifecycle.

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VirPack’s preconfigured methodology ensures that each lender’s deployment is swifter and more streamlined, unlike traditional document management rollouts. By leveraging VirPack’s preconfigured document management software, lenders can quickly automate business processes throughout every step of the mortgage lending process while supporting retail, wholesale and correspondent lending operations.

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With traditional or LOS-provided document management implementations, the burden of creating and managing electronic loan delivery profiles has been placed squarely on the lender. By utilizing the preconfigured implementation methodology, this major pain point is eliminated. Lenders can immediately deploy one-click electronic loan delivery that improves secondary market execution and significantly minimizes suspense issues and lock expiration penalties.

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“Our previous document management provider notified us that they were sunsetting their product. Due to our growth and other high priority projects, our staff had limited time and resources to implement a new document management solution in time for our busy spring home buying season,” said Jill Quinn, executive vice president of operations at Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors. “We selected VirPack for their experience, advanced technology and preconfigured methodologies based on best practices that enabled us to gain immediate ROI and provided operational efficiency with the goal of closing more loans with existing staff.”

The combination of VirPack’s preconfigured methodology and advanced technology significantly reduces the cycle time from origination to closing. As a result, lenders will gain increases in production and operational efficiencies, resulting in better service levels. These better service levels improve customer satisfaction, attract and retain talented operations teams and grow realtor and builder relationships.

“Historically, with traditional or LOS-provided document management implementations, the process has been extremely taxing on lenders due to its time consuming and resource draining nature” said Cy Brinn, president of VirPack. “By utilizing VirPack’s preconfigured implementation methodology and advanced Document Management and Delivery System (DMDS), lenders can immediately reduce their dependency on paper, generate greater operational efficiency, increase productivity, facilitate collaboration and improve customer and staff satisfaction.”

Lenders that implement VirPack’s preconfigured document management methodology can readily turn their focus to leveraging additional DMDS capabilities that further optimize their operations including: automated document recognition and indexing using optical character recognition (OCR), rule-based workflow and tasking, customizable web portals for third party originators and borrowers and deeper integrations with other technology partners.