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Choosing smart technology makes a difference. For example, Nations Lending Corporation has selected Alight Mortgage Lending for continuous reforecasting. Alight Mortgage Lending is a cloud-based application built from the ground up for the mortgage industry.

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With Alight’s real-time, what-if scenario analysis, CEOs, firm owners and their teams can see the financial impact of every decision, before it’s made. Accessible from anywhere, any time and from any device, Alight provides executive teams with the information they need to make decisions in real time.

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“With Alight, we’ll be able to explore limitless numbers of strategies for addressing marketplace volatility, see results across our financials and record decisions made as a basis for future planning,” said David Critzer, CFO at Nations Lending. “With insight into how decisions could impact future operations and financial performance, we’ll be able to quickly and proactively change course when needed both in our retail branch operations and our consumer direct channel.”

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Alight Mortgage Lending connects to the general ledger, and pulls data from loan origination systems and capital market providers so that lenders are able to run unlimited numbers of scenarios and see the impact of decisions ripple throughout the enterprise all the way through to financials. With Alight, firms can react more quickly under changing market conditions to optimize resources.

“Nations Lending Corporation, both in its consumer-direct and retail channels, is focused on providing customers an individualized and stress-free loan process to put more Americans into homes,” said Jared Huff, Group Head of Alight Financial Services. “To that end, Alight Mortgage Lending will help Nations’ management team evaluate volume, product mix, staffing and expansion opportunities—all in real time—to ensure that adequate resources are on hand to handle demand in changing market conditions.”

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