Redefining Online Mortgage Experiences

The mortgage industry continues to be faced with constantly changing rules and regulations, rate fluctuations, CFPB enforcements, election fall out and rapidly changing borrower expectations. More specifically, today’s borrowers expect a simple yet dynamic online lending experience. This put intense pressure on the over 7,000 mortgage lenders and millions of real estate agents trying to meet these new demands.

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Due to these changing demands and expectations from borrowers, there is a significant need for lenders to redefine what on online mortgage and real estate experience should be. Seventy-seven million millennials make up about one-fourth of the US population. Millennials in the US wield about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power, 85% of them are using smartphones as their daily technology device, and 49% are seeking to buy their first home. Millennials are becoming a significant force in the mortgage industry.

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Millennials demand mobile responsive lending sites and web applications that have a responsive layout from their potential lender. This digital revolution has led to about 90% of consumers beginning their search for home mortgages using digital technology and online lending tools. The online application process has proven to create a better consumer experience through automation, convenience, and efficiency.

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Borrowers are looking for simplified versions of everything: text rather than calling, or shopping online rather than going to the store. The mortgage industry is no exception to this habit.

With online lending, the industry is making a digital transformation by taking the borrower into a world of digitized processing at all stages of the loan lifecycle. At the end of the day one thing that is consistent is that more and more borrowers are looking for the digital mortgage experience. With innovation and digitization, borrowers look to complete the 1003 application digitally in less than 10 minutes with greater speed and accuracy.

This type of Innovation doesn’t only improve the consumer experience, it also has major bottom-line benefits to Mortgage companies. The digital experience increases the amount of money flowing into mortgage companies.

Today’s digital experience must provide borrowers with a compliant, aesthetically appealing, and user-friendly web solution that includes key program integrations. With the right solution borrowers immediately gain access to a network of Realtors and Mortgage professionals that can offer a swift online purchasing process. The key aspects that make this experience possible are:

>> Integrations with mortgage critical third-party programs and well documented application program interface (API), which allows for a variety of software components to interact effortlessly. This enviably simplifies and accelerates the borrower process and user experience.

>> A digital graphical prequalification application and 1003 application that streamlines mortgage processes including both the point of sale stage and loan origination.

>> A content management system that accomplishes compliance from the corporate level down. The system is controlled from one centralized location to eliminate reputational risk and any violations of compliance standards.

>> Lead generation and referral partner relationship building tools with the ability to provide affinity websites for mortgage partners such as accountants, charitable organizations, large employer, Realtor sites, and more. These websites have mortgage sponsored banner ads and/or applications in place.

>> State-of-the-art technology that considerably reduces the application abandonment rate by catering to the borrowers needs and overall experience.

>> A customer portal, which allows the loan officers to keep all parties, associated with the loan process up to date with the status of the application. Parties included on this are the borrower, title company, co-borrower, and realtor.

Over 75,000 individuals in the mortgage industry are benefiting from this innovative technology solution that delivers a user-friendly, compliant, secure, effective solution that enhances the digital mortgage experience.

WebMax’s digital experience expedites the borrowing process, helps maintain compliance, delivers dynamic online lending tools, and provides a highly innovative borrower experience. If you are attending the MBA Technology Conference in Chicago contact us to schedule a time to meet at 856-702-6400 or visit our website at

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