Stearns Lending And New Penn Financial Go Live With eSignature Technology

Stearns Lending and New Penn Financial have gone live with Docutech’s Solex application, the all-new eSignature solution designed for clients leading the new Digital Mortgage age. Solex provides borrowers with an intuitive, easy-to-use eSign experience while giving lenders an auditable platform with the industry’s most trusted eVault.

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Solex allows users to quickly and easily sign loan documents from their computers, smartphones or tablets. Tight integration with Docutech’s ConformX document engine creates a seamless workflow for generating, delivering and signing loan documents electronically.

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The ability to push eSignatures to a mobile setting is one that lenders need in today’s economy. California-based Stearns Lending, LLC and Pennsylvania-based New Penn Financial selected Solex to provide versatile eSignature capabilities. These lenders embraced Docutech’s Solex software for its innovative and comprehensive mobile eSignature capabilities.

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“Borrowers today expect to conduct financial transactions anywhere at any time of day,” said Erik Knight, Vice President of Operational Risk and Compliance for New Penn Financial. “With the mobile eSignature capabilities provided by Solex, we can meet our customers’ expectations and bring them closer to their dream purchases quicker and more efficiently.”

Along with its advanced mobile and web-based functionality, Solex offers a host of other beneficial features for lenders, including robust two-factor authentication for security and single sign-on integration with financial institution lending portals for borrower convenience. The integration into ConformX also ensures that eSigned disclosures and documents meet all regulatory requirements.

“As the mortgage industry is increasingly optimized by mobile technology, Docutech is at the forefront, providing solutions that can comprehensively meet financial institutions’ document-related needs,” said Ty Jenkins, founder and CEO of Docutech. “With Solex, lenders like Stearns Lending and New Penn Financial can leverage mobile technology to cultivate a more efficient, compliant and cost-effective loan process.”