Optimal Blue Integrates With CRM Player To Drive Efficiency

Optimal Blue has partnered with Total Expert Inc. to further increase productivity and drive revenue with robust contact and database management tools for every facet of a user’s business. This integration allows enterprise lenders that utilize Total Expert’s Marketing/CRM platform to increase efficiency and time savings by eliminating the need to navigate between multiple systems.

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In addition, users can further enhance marketing campaigns – including single property websites, pricing flyers, email campaigns, and more – with dynamic, real-time product eligibility and pricing data down to the loan officer level. LOs will also have access to their specific pricing across the country and be able to run various unique scenarios. The seamless connection between Total Expert and Optimal Blue’s new API also empowers lenders to deliver dynamic marketing content that is easily created, deployed, and tracked within Total Expert’s central system of record.

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“Optimal Blue is focused on developing technology partnerships with leading-edge companies equally determined to shape the future of the mortgage industry,” said Optimal Blue CEO, Scott Happ. “The CRM solutions provided by Total Expert allows for true end-to-end management and aligns perfectly with Optimal Blue’s vision to enable an ecosystem of technology innovators serving Optimal Blue customers.”

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“Many of our customers are considered ‘gamechangers’ who demand technology built for the future of the industry. The functionality enabled by the Total Expert-Optimal Blue partnership is a perfect example of how API based integrations will provide companies new ways to optimize their business through innovation. Total Expert is committed to integrating with best-in-class solutions like Optimal Blue as we continue to aggressively enhance our platform based on the needs of our customers,” said Total Expert CEO, Joe Welu.

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