CoreLogic Automates Portfolio Value Monitoring

CoreLogic has launched the Total Home Value for Portfolio Monitoring, which is a self-service, on-demand, fixed-cost solution that helps mortgage lenders and servicers evaluate and understand the collateral value of their mortgage portfolios on a periodic basis. The solution leverages the CoreLogic suite of Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) that lenders and investors have relied on for over 20 years to help make risk management decisions. These best-in-class AVM analytics are the core of the portfolio monitoring solution, delivering high level of accuracy and excellent geographic coverage. Valuation hit rates of 97 percent have been achieved by early client adopters of the solution.

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With Total Home Value for Portfolio Monitoring, organizations can proactively monitor their entire mortgage portfolio to assist in setting adequate reserves, leverage insight into changes in mortgage portfolio valuations to identify trends and risky markets early, and better align risk with business policy. Total Home Value for Portfolio Monitoring also helps comply with regulations that require regular portfolio monitoring.

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This solution frees mortgage lenders, insurers, servicers and investors from budgetary constraints that may have resulted in foregoing current valuation information. With a fixed annual fee and high-performing valuation analytics, Total Home Value for Portfolio Monitoring is uniquely able to help users make better decisions based on current portfolio valuations that accurately reflect market changes.

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“Our clients needed an origination-quality AVM at a price point that allows them to be more proactive when it comes to monitoring collateral values,” said Ann Regan, vice president, product management, Collateral Solutions for CoreLogic. “We created Total Home Value for Portfolio Monitoring to be a flexible, self-service solution that empowers users to update valuations based on business and regulatory need, not cost. This unique packaging approach enables even smaller organizations to gain access to high-quality CoreLogic AVM solutions with no integration costs. We believe this solution will change how organizations value their portfolios, delivering current, high-quality valuations for a fixed fee.”

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