Improving Home Valuation Quality Reviews

Mortgage Solutions, part of Computershare Loan Services, will be the sole provider of valuation reviews for Ventana Home Mortgage, the residential mortgage conduit subsidiary of Window Rock Capital Partners, LLC, an opportunistic, strategic credit investment manager. The Mortgage Solutions team will also provide valuation reviews on rental property assets managed by Window Rock Capital.

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Ventana Home Mortgage will utilize Computershare’s Appraisal Risk Analysis (ARA) to perform appraisal quality control reviews on new loan originations. A cost-effective alternative to traditional field reviews, the ARA report provides an independent conclusion of value and is performed by a state licensed appraiser in accordance with USPAP appraisal review guidelines. The ARA includes area sales data, local home price indices and MLS data. It can be completed in as little as one business day and reports can be customized to specific investor products.

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“In today’s dynamic housing market, trusted, high-quality valuations are critical to the success of our loan programs,” said Joseph Kohout, senior vice president of Ventana Home Mortgage. “After evaluating all the different providers on the market, Computershare stood apart with its team’s depth of valuation experience and its innovative solutions. It’s clear their products were built with a focus on quality and the customer experience, and that gave us immediate confidence that Computershare was the right partner for our needs.”

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For its rental property assets, Window Rock Capital will use Computershare’s Investment Property Analysis (IPA), a desktop review/reconciliation of income-producing property that includes a Form 1007 Single Family Rent Schedule. Each IPA is performed by a certified valuation expert and includes commentary analysis of as-is value and monthly rental rate. The IPA also includes an analysis of both manually sourced and automated rental data, property comparables, and data on local rental market trends.

Backed by a robust team of valuation experts with decades of experience, Computershare’s Mortgage Solutions team offers investors and residential lenders a various suite of valuation products and services nationwide. Both IPA and ARA products are available to lenders and investors as standalone solutions.

Mortgage Solutions President Jim Smith stated, “We’re delighted that Window Rock Capital and Ventana Home Mortgage have placed their trust in our valuation solutions, which have become increasingly popular among investors and correspondent and wholesale lenders. Both the ARA and IPA were developed specifically to deliver the speed, quality and reliability our clients need to demonstrate proper due diligence. We look forward to a long and productive relationship.”