REO Services, Property Preservation Merger

National REO and property preservation service providers TruAssets LLC, Northsight Management LLC, are merging as of August 1, 2017. The new company will retain the Northsight Management name and will be led by TruAssets’ Steve Johnson as President and Northsight Management’s Josh Sarchet as CEO.

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TruAssets was founded by Johnson in 2012 and under Johnson’s leadership the company has grown quickly, coming to be recognized in the market for its focus on comprehensive customer service. Similarly, since being founded by Sarchet in 2009, Northsight Management has differentiated its services with an emphasis on the use of efficient technology. Both Johnson and Sarchet are confident that the combination will create a new brand which differentiates in numerous aspects of the business.

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“Steve and I bring complementary strengths and skill sets to this partnership,” said Sarchet.  “As a result, we believe this leadership dynamic will make us a formidable brand in an already competitive marketplace.”

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“The merger of the unique strengths of Northsight and TruAssets bring about a brand which offers the best of both worlds,” Johnson added. “The new entity offers a disruptive approach to property management and REO services, generating improved efficiency, surprising speed and incredible flexibility—all a win-win for us and our clients. At the same time, the new brand will maintain the traditional strengths expected of such a service provider: unfailing customer service; continuous improvement and integrity.”

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