LenderLive Expands Its Compliance Services

LenderLive Services LLC, a division of LenderLive Holdings, Inc. (“LenderLive”), will now provide expanded compliance services through a new line of business: LenderLive Compliance Solutions. The new entity will offer both bundled and a la carte services to banks, non-bank mortgage servicers, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Maria Moskver, general counsel and enterprise compliance officer for LenderLive, will lead LenderLive Compliance Solutions.

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Over the past two decades, LenderLive Services has developed significant in-house expertise in regulatory compliance, operational controls, systems and industry best practices. The company maintains one of the most extensive template libraries, including origination documents for all 50 states, as well as borrower communications for loss mitigation, pre-foreclosure/default and general servicing. LenderLive is trusted by eight of the top 10 mortgage and financial companies in the U.S. for compliance and outsourced critical borrower communications.

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LenderLive will continue to offer its Compliance Solutions bundled with best-in-class fulfillment and document services, to enterprise clients.

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In addition, LenderLive Compliance Solutions will now give smaller companies the option to access its compliance solutions on an a-la-carte basis. This flexible approach will allow community banks, credit unions and regional banks to supplement their internal compliance resources with LenderLive’s proven expertise. These services include:

>>Ongoing regulatory monitoring and alerts for regulatory changes at federal and state levels.

>>Access and use of LenderLive’s wide-ranging state and federal template library.

>>Ongoing template updates and review services.

>>Client-focused webinars covering key servicing, loss mitigation and default topics.

Custom research and consulting on regulatory compliance issues, including operational and best practice perspectives, to accelerate implementation times.

“Historically, financial institutions have turned to LenderLive for turnkey solutions that have reduced costs and kept them compliant,” said Rob Clements, CEO of LenderLive. “What we are doing now is leveraging the embedded expertise we’ve developed and providing financial institutions these services in two distinct ways, helping to create greater efficiencies for every specific need.”