Partnership Automates The Calculation Of Title Settlement Fees

OpenClose has integrated with Timios, Inc., a national provider of title and settlement services to banks, financial institutions and mortgage lenders. The integration allows users to efficiently draw all title and settlement fees directly from within OpenClose’s LenderAssist LOS, eliminating data entry, saving time and ensuring fees are fully accurate and TRID compliant.

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Timios leads the title and settlement industry in pricing accuracy, successfully bringing the first RESPA compliant, free, instant guaranteed GFE calculator to market, and again delivering TRID compliance guaranteed pricing ahead of the industry. The company guarantees that all title settlement fees with Timios are disclosed accurately in the Loan Estimate (LE) for TRID compliance from the day of origination through the transmittal of the final disclosure to the consumer. OpenClose users can now leverage Timios’ proprietary pricing engine, instantly and seamlessly populating all relevant information within its LOS.

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“Timios is a natural fit with OpenClose, as our comprehensive solutions work very well together, providing transparency via their centralized fulfillment model to simplify the calculation of settlement fees,” says Vince Furey, SVP of lending solutions at OpenClose. “Further, both of our customer support models are very hands-on and responsive, which is a significant attraction to our mutual customers.”

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Trevor Stoffer, CEO of Timios added, “Timios is proud to partner with OpenClose to deliver the best pricing solution to lending partners throughout the country. Like OpenClose, Timios has built a reputation as an industry leader for innovation, and OpenClose is a natural partner in driving transparency and simplification into real estate transactions. OpenClose users will never face another loss from mistakes because Timios’ pricing data is instant, accurate, and guaranteed.”

Timios, Inc. is a California-based corporation and the country’s fastest growing title and settlement services company. Since its founding in 2008, Timios has serviced more than $30 billion in escrow closings and expanded into new markets throughout the country. In addition to fee calculations, Timios also offers a wide variety of title insurance products, escrow and settlement services, realtor and REO purchase, appraisal and valuation products and services.

Tony Garritano

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