Less Than 25% Of Lenders Rate LOS Compliance Functionality ‘Highly Effective’

STRATMOR Group released the September edition of its STRATMOR Insights report, with a focus on the company’s approach to measuring lender performance. While STRATMOR has always been a strong proponent of lenders using internal performance data to manage and improve their performance, according to senior partner Dr. Matt Lind, it is only by comparing peer-to-peer performance, i.e., benchmarking, that lenders will gain the most accurate and useful assessment of their competitive performance.

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“Mortgage lenders have utilized virtually the same metrics to assess performance for the past 30 years,” said Lind. “Considering how dramatically our market has changed during this time, STRATMOR felt it necessary to enhance the way lenders can measure performance versus peers. The result is a new approach, one based on a substantial lender-level data that enables lenders to place the efficacy of their operations in the context of peer performance on the same characteristics.”

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Lenders can apply STRATMOR’s new method for benchmarking production or servicing performance to virtually any traditional performance metric, from direct production margin and direct origination expense per loan to loans serviced per servicing FTE and more.

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“With common benchmarking comparisons, lenders are only able to make comparisons to the averages,” Lind continued. “This leads to statements like: ‘My direct retail origination expense per loan is $200 less than average,’ but with our new method, lenders can now determine how a value measures up or down in terms of standard deviations from the mean. The new method enables lenders to better judge performance, which is reflected in statements such as: ‘My direct retail origination expense per loan is equal to or better than 62 percent of lenders.’ The understanding gathered from statements like the latter are much more meaningful to our clients than the understanding derived from internal comparisons alone. The bottom line is that it is significantly more valuable for lenders to be able to measure against peers, rather than to simply measure against internal metrics.”

This month STRATMOR also details select findings from its 2016 LOS Technology Insight Survey (TIS), specifically, lenders’ opinions on the efficacy of functionality in their respective Loan Origination Systems (LOS). Less than 25 percent of lender participants indicated that the compliance tools in their LOS were ‘Highly Effective’ and afforded them a competitive advantage. Between 40 and 50 percent of participant lenders rated their LOS’ compliance functionality as ‘Adequately Effective.’

Additionally, STRATMOR’s TIS findings show ‘Lead Generation/Management’ as the lowest rated functionality. Only four percent of lender participants stated that their LOS provided ‘Highly Effective’ lead generation capabilities. ‘eSignature’ and ‘Product/Price/Eligibility Decision Engine’ capabilities were also among the lowest rated for effective functionality. A continued lack of functionality satisfaction in these important capability areas will most likely drive lenders to seek alternatives.