New Mortgage Industry Search Engine Seeks To Revolutionize The Sourcing Of Vendor Partners

Vendor Surf, LLC, a mortgage industry technology company located in St. Louis, Missouri, has launched a new search engine, Vendor Surf encompasses the entire mortgage ecosystem – from originations through secondary markets – and features an industry-wide vendor directory that supports virtually all industry roles and departments.

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Unlike other search engines, Vendor Surf has custom filters that span 75+ different vendor categories which can be used to narrow down the field to only those value-added partners that best answer the unique requirements of individuals. Searches, which are free, are comprehensive in that vendors are identified from all industry categories on a single site. The filters, in turn, pinpoint specific vendors based on a variety of qualifiers, such as loan type, product, service, location, etc.

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In addition, Vendor Surf works as a single educational resource, allowing searchers and directory vendors to promote events, white papers, trade shows, webinars and trainings. It includes “My Dashboard” that lets searchers track their history of vendor profiles viewed and bookmark them for later reference, a “Solution Showcase” that highlights the very latest industry innovations, and weekly polls to gauge what mortgage professionals think about pertinent issues that are impacting the industry.

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Scott Roller and Craig Leabig, Co-Founders of Vendor Surf, have designed a search engine that makes finding value-added business partners easy and efficient, putting searchers in control of desired filtering criteria.  “We clearly understand the many challenges, so we wanted to create a solution that truly revolutionizes the way vendor partners are sourced in terms of the depth and breadth of the online searches conducted,” Roller said. “We view Vendor Surf as a game changer not only for those searching for the perfect vendor, but also for the vendors who are listed on the site. It’s a strategic advantage for them to be listed on Vendor Surf as it is a means to differentiate their businesses while reaching a broad, new universe of potential customers,” Leabig added.

Vendors who would like to create a profile may do so by going to

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