Acquisition Furthers Automated Data Verification

QuestSoft, a provider of automated mortgage compliance software, has purchased Laguna Hills, Calif.-based IMARC, a leader in data verification and audit services to the financial services industry. The acquisition adds IMARC’s services to QuestSoft’s new Verification and Audit Services division, “QuestSoft Verifications.”

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The acquisition enables QuestSoft customers to easily conduct loan audits, as QuestSoft Verifications will now offer all of IMARC’s verification and audit services to QuestSoft’s existing 4506-T and SSA-89 capabilities. This new division brings Verification of Employment (VOE), Verification of Income (VOI), Asset and Occupancy Verifications as well as full loan audits to QuestSoft customers, eliminating the need to use time-intensive manual orders to verify all information needed to ensure loan compliance.

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“Combining IMARC’s verification and audit services with QuestSoft’s compliance software gives lenders a one-stop shop for all of their compliance needs,” said Leonard Ryan, founder and president of QuestSoft. “IMARC also brings with it a strong tradition of outstanding customer service and a dedication to providing high quality services quickly and efficiently, blending well with the QuestSoft commitment to our customers.”

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All IMARC employees transferred to QuestSoft’s corporate headquarters in Laguna Hills, California. Bob Simpson, founder of IMARC, is now serving as QuestSoft’s senior vice president and director of the Verifications Division.

“High quality products, ease of use and outstanding service are the three pillars that build strong relationships between vendors and lenders,” Simpson said. “By combining our services with QuestSoft, we have created the best resource for lenders to handle all of their mortgage compliance, verification and audit needs.”

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