Teledata Communications And EnableSoft Partner To Streamline LOS-To-Core Integration

For a financial institution wanting to integrate its loan origination system (LOS) with its core platform, the endeavor can be both expensive and time-consuming. The core-provided connectors and APIs typically needed to push data from the LOS to the core can devour both programming hours and dollars.

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Users of TCI’s LOS products have another option: EnableSoft’s Foxtrot robotic process automation (RPA) software. A Foxtrot-powered data push can be set up in a matter of hours rather than the weeks or months it can take working with a core-provided solution. Foxtrot can also be used in both real-time and batch environments. Finally, Foxtrot costs substantially less than virtually all core connectors.

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“We offer a number of automation solutions to our clients and encourage them to evaluate each one,” said Barry Kirby, TCI’s vice president of sales, “but we fully expect Foxtrot to be the solution of choice for this important application.”

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“We like working with companies that don’t play favorites,” said EnableSoft president Richard Milam. “because we know when Foxtrot goes head to head with competing solutions, Foxtrot will likely win.”

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