Bringing High-Touch To High-Tech

I’m the CEO of a software company, and I’m not afraid to admit that high-tech needs high-touch in order to deliver optimal results for lenders.

Lenders invest significant amounts of capital to transition to digital, and spend time training their employees to harness their newly acquired digital mortgage platform.

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Then software and web development teams configure technology solutions that deliver on the digital mortgage promise: simplified applying for borrowers, and streamlined processes and reduced costs for lenders. Better yet, the technology continues to improve every day. It seems like every time I walk by our development team, I see one of their computer screens displaying a new feature or customization.

Take this for example: You’re the COO of a lender. You meet with a couple mortgage software providers, pick your favorite, it develops a stellar digital mortgage platform, and you train your loan officers, processors, and underwriters on it. Job well done – well, not exactly.

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Business constantly changes—especially in today’s world, and especially in the mortgage and technology industries. Lenders need to adapt to continuously changing regulatory landscapes and borrower demands. High touch gauges arising issues and emerging trends. High tech, when coupled with high touch, allows lenders to adapt faster and more deftly than ever before.

For instance, perhaps the CFPB comes out with a new requirement for loan underwriters. Mortgage software providers can first implement functionalities for that new requirement into their products. Then, they can meet with their clients to train them on the new requirements and demonstrate how to satisfy the accompanying obligations through their digital platform.

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Another way software providers bring high-touch to high-tech is through analytics. Speaking for WebMax, we don’t just develop mortgage software and say, “Hey, good luck.” We become a part of our clients’ business. For START, our point-of-sale application, we analyze borrower behavior to see where users run into trouble or even worse, abandon the application. We leverage these insights to optimize our product, so that our clients close more loans.

Equipped with powerful digital tools, loan officers still bring high-touch to the loan officer-borrower relationship. I remember when I used to meet prospective borrowers at their homes and fill out forms at their kitchen table. While today’s loan officers might avoid those trips, they do miss out on some homemade treats.

That said, point-of-sale applications like START allow for loan officers to be more hands-on than before. Equipped with a two-way portal, loan officer and borrowers can simultaneously look at the same application and communicate. The loan officer can walk the borrower through the application, answering any questions along the way. Borrowers can get into their homes faster because when discrepancies need to be settled or additional documents need to be received, there’s no sending documents or communicating through phone, email, and in-person. It all takes place in one central location.

High-touch, combined with high-tech, provider lenders the most optimal digital mortgage platform. Moreover, it gets borrowers in their homes faster, with bigger smiles.

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