Docutech Advances “E” Initiatives

Docutech, a provider of document, eSign, eClosing, and compliance technology for mortgage, home equity and consumer lending, announced that its Solex eClosing and eVault solution has been approved by Fannie Mae for eClose, eNote, and eVault functionality. In addition, the Solex eVault has received certification from the MERS eRegistry for all eNote management transactions. And there’s more …

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Solex eClosing and eVault enables lenders to securely close and register electronic notes on the MERS eRegistry and deliver them with full confidence that each mortgage satisfies investor requirements. Leveraging Docutech’s proprietary and enhanced Solex eVault, lenders can securely and automatically store eNotes, register them on the MERS eRegistry and transfer control to investors via direct VPN connectivity to Solex. The MERS eRegistry serves as the legal system of record for identifying the Controller (holder in due course) and Location (custodian) for the Authoritative Copy of every registered eNote in the country today.

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In conjunction with Solex’s Fannie Mae approval and MERS certification, Docutech announced that a top five retail mortgage originator has executed its first eClosing using Solex, including registering an eNote on the MERS eRegistry and delivering it to Fannie Mae.

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The Solex eClosing platform, in partnership with Simplifile, provides lenders with a comprehensive Integrated eClosing solution, with eSigning efficiencies from initial document generation through post-closing. Combined with Docutech’s dynamic document generation engine ConformX, lenders can automatically generate digital, data-driven documents that adhere to rules-based intelligence and meet specific loan criteria. Docutech and Simplifile’s intelligent eEligibility engine analyzes each closing package to be as “e” as it can be, according to state, county, and investor variations. Hybrid options include eSigning of ancillary documents, plus options for SMART Doc eNotes, eNotarization and eRecording.

“We are honored to work side-by-side with leading lenders in the spirit of driving innovation and delivering an exceptional customer experience” said Amy Brandt, Docutech’s president and CEO. “Fannie Mae and MERS have been critical to the actualization and furtherance of eMortgages within our industry. With their backing, we can ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards and are able to comprehensively serve lenders and their customers in the evolution to a fully digital mortgage.

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